About me


I’m Dian and I love making my favorite foods healthy, simple and elegant. I’m here to inspire you to create the best versions of your favorite foods and you will learn more about me through my recipes.

I am a Jamaican-born girl who really likes my Jamaican cuisine. Over the years I have met and formed friendships with people from all over the world including my Trinidadian husband and in-laws. So for me food has always been a way to connect with family and friends. Over the years though, I’ve learned to make healthier versions of my favorite foods and realized that Caribbean food can be healthy and viewed as fine cuisine. With this blog I want to share my recipes and tips with you.

What is Island Chic?

When you think of island life you think of relaxation. Well, island chic is all about relaxed comfort but still stylish and elegant. Think cool ocean breeze blowing through fine linen curtains, a veranda decorated with cool Caribbean colors and loveseat swing in the corner. Now imagine your favorite island food in the middle of a well thought out, decorated table, paired with your favorite beverage, that’s Island Chic living. Simple moments need to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Why Island Chic?

Because I like pretty, healthy and delicious food that’s satisfying and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty….well at least not all the time. I love to cook and it gives me satisfaction to provide my family with healthy delicious meals.



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